• Biobased
  • No Traditional Plastic
  • Reusable
  • Washable

Retail Packaging

  • 32mm Euro Hole
  • FSC® available
  • Paper box
  • Paper wrap

Available Options

  • Brand name on product
  • Colored product
  • Display Carton
  • Size on request

Main Raw Materials

  • Compostable bioplastic

Product Categories

  • Cell Phone Covers

Compostable Cell phone covers

Biobased and with wheat straw filling

Produced on order

  • Ask for paper leather covers too
  • Molds for most common models
  • Soft biobased cover

Biobased and compostable covers for cell phone. Can be made in Maistic Wheatie biomaterial with wheatstraw dust, even with coffee grounds. Ask for standard colors or MOQ for own color.

Reminder of this product

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Compostability is the new


Traditional petro-based plastics are thousands of years in the decompose process and add chemicals that harm nature, animals and you.

All MAISTIC® certified compostable products are free of chemicals such as phthalates, bisphenols and heavy metals. So it makes sense to pack your food in MAISTIC rather than plastic - both for you at home, for the restaurant industry and for the food industry. It looks like plastic - but is MAISTIC