Whether it’s packaging or the product inside, Maistic help you create your sustainable story

Taking a stand and controlling your story is more important than ever. Less Plastic is a good place to start – and very importantly: Supported by endusers and easy to communicate.

The combination of the Maistic innovative mindset, our specialty in plastic free and compostables – not the ordinary plastics – and dozens of developers and factories as close partners gives you a unique partner on your plastic free challenge. As an example we provided Quality Paper Straws (FSC) for the Danish cinemas Nordisk Film, tested and approved okay to use even after 3 hours in a drink.

We absolutely love a challenge – yours too.

Maistic is Less Plastic at supermarket price

‘Supermarket price’ is our word for best price. This is possible as we only work with factories directly. And that gives you all the benefits: Better prices. We produce on your specs – not other companies. More options for non-standard products.
And shortcut to new inventions, as we have the direct contact to the factory engineers – and maybe their biggest competitor too.

Maistic help companies from very different businesses going Less Plastic – from flower distributors and pet brands to canteen providers and textile industries. We assist with the small changes – like choosing the paper straw that actually works – as well as the new year long changes where trust and longterm relations are key components.

Do you want to minimize your plastic output? Contact us today.