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In 2016, Maistic was one of the very first brands to introduce the claim ‘Plastic Free’ in supermarkets.

Supermarket priced Less Plastic options for your daily life is still the basic mission of everything we do.

Today, the Maistic product ranges are in supermarkets, webshops, eco stores, DIY stores and drugstores in more than 30 countries.

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What the Maistic retail brand is all about

First and foremost:

  • We have full focus on making it possible for consumers and companies to choose sustainable, plastic free and certified compostable products for their everyday living.

This means:

  • No plastic packaging on Maistic products. 
  • Only plastic used in Maistic products are binders/glue – e.g. for assembling a wooden brush, where other options aren’t possible. Where possible, binders/glue are biodegradable, biobased and vegan friendly.
  • All packaging is from recyclable paper. Still more packaging is FSC certified.
  • We use still more FSC certified raw materials for the products – e.g. viscose, bamboo, wood etc.
  • We specialize in certified compostable and biodegradable bioplastics. And don’t do bioplastics that are only biobased and not biodegradable (read more about bioplastics here – link til en side…). 
  • We only produce Maistic products on factories certified for respect of human rights. 
  • All products are produced, packed and delivered in accordance with standards for supermarkets.
  • And all products are at affordable supermarket level prices – only this way consumers can make the actual change away from plastics. 

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