Our work, mission and our products raise many questions. If you need answers just reach out to us.

Maistic works in all materials which are non-degradable plastic. The English organization A Plastic Planet has described the principles we work by. Read more

No. It is a big misconception that everything bio-based can degrade. There are bioplastic bags which are called biobags but are in no way degradable and just ordinary plastic – it’s all about the molecular structure.

You can read all about the compostable certification at our site.

About our product

Innovative and environmentally certified products with a clear goal – less plastic in this world. We know that working the way we do and developing our products raises questions that needs answers.

No – because we work in many materials besides plastic like metal and glass. But when we work with plastic-like polymers, the material and preferably also the product itself is certified compostable – either industrially compostable or home compostable.

Our bags are meant to split over time.
Maistic bags are certified home compostable. This means that they are created to decompose with food waste at a temperature of 20-30 degrees and become compost feed for plants. Bacteria and enzymes from leftover food are by far the most important in the process from bag to compost soil. Humidity, oxygen and temperature also come into play – and these are conditions that occur everywhere, also at home in the kitchen drawer and on the shelf outside in the supermarket. That’s why we’ve put the ‘Often Good After’ date on the boxes so both stores and you can keep an eye on when the bags at average storage conditions might start to become porous. They often last well several months after the date – it’s easy enough to check. The bags do not rot or ruin your food when ‘they get old’ in the drawer. You do not have to worry about that.

Most certainly. Now there is only one Maistic product which isn’t for vegans: the compostable floss. It still contains beeswax-coating.

Contact Maistics sales department at sales@maistic.com to hear more about your possibilities.

Everything Maistic is primarily produced in the East. As a manufacturer, we order large quantities, which are generally transported home by ship in containers. Shipping is one of the most climate-friendly modes of transportation.
Large parts of what Maistic sells are not fabricated at all in either Denmark or Europe, either as a finished product or raw material. And if it is, some of the raw materials are still transported home from the East, not least when it comes to compostable bioplastics. In the East we only use BSCI-certified factories, which includes good working conditions.
We are also both FSC®-certified (sustainable wood) and GOTS-certified (sustainable cotton). We are constantly working to add more and more climate- and environment-friendly picks to our products and packaging. However, we do not compromise on plastic-free.

No. When corn/maize is part of the bio-based content in our bags, we use a type of maize which is particularly starchy and is not intended for human or animal food. Other types of starch from the likes of potatoes and other root vegetables are also used. Of course, to the greatest extent possible, I use leftovers and peels.


We do thing in big scale, why work locally when our mission and products can help world wide.

In addition to attending conferences, talking to politicians and generally being a public advocate for less plastic and a greener waste management of biowaste and packaging in Denmark and other countries, Maistic founder Heidi von Bülow often goes out and talks about plastic issues, microplastics, less plastic solutions and much more.
If you as a class, association or company are interested in hearing more about the possibility of presentations and lectures, please contact us at info@maistic.com

Maistic does not have a webshop. An essential part of the work for Maistics mission ‘less plastic in this world’ is accessibility. We fight for everyone to be able to easily choose a plastic-free alternative if they want it – just as you can choose organic or conventionally grown food. That is why we spend our time developing and producing products that are suitable for retail and supermarkets, and let them – supermarkets, eco-shops, webshops and distributors of packaging, etc. – sell our products.

We are always looking for talented individuals to join our team. You are always welcome to send us an unsolicited job application at job@maistic.com.

Maistic is currently traded in 20 European countries, including some of Europe’s largest supermarket chains. If you wanna hear about the possibilities for Maistic products in your country, feel free to contact us.