You have the store. We have the Less Plastic products at supermarket prices.

Going plastic free is a growing seed in the mind of consumers all over the world. We all need to make changes in our everyday living.
As a reseller, store or webshop looking at the Maistic page, you know this. Today, sustainability is a must for most of your clients.

Putting the Maistic products in your stores gives you the ability to sell everyday household products at supermarket prices.
In some countries, areas and segments, we have distributors and wholesellers that we will urge you to use due to freight expenses and minimum orders. But let’s have a talk or an email – our Sales Department is here for you.

Some of our services to resellers


  • Logistics. Professional warehouse setup with shipments all workdays. 
  • API. We can send and receive orders through API applications, if you prefer.
  • Product Data Pools. Today, Maistic products are in GS1, Brandbank and DataNature data pools. 
  • Product descriptions. Our Sales and Communications departments will help you generate the best descriptions.
  • Ask for POS – e.g. signs, shelf hangers, display concepts, dumpers, social media content and giveaways for special occasions and competitions.
  • Product Photos. We update our online photo and pack shot portfolio regularly. Sometimes with videos also.
  • Tag us on SOME – we love spreading your content in a story.

Find the current selection of Maistic branded goods in the Maistic Options Supermarket. Among the new categories in 2021 are brushes and some newsworthy items in the food wrap category. 

Are you in need for packaging, webshop bags, box filling or maybe some products with your own name on them, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Some products have high MOQ, some smaller – nevertheless – there’s no harm in asking for solutions.

Being a reseller for Maistic the Sales Department will contact you regularly with updates – and you can call or write them. 

Maistic is on a mission to turn the consumer behaviors upside down. Plastic free should and can be the first choice for consumers, if presented with the option.

Call or write today