Full shelf assortments – branded or from your specs

Back in 2015 Maistic was founded with the explicit mission to provide plastic free and compostables to supermarkets at supermarket prices, of course.

Simply because supermarkets are the open door to all of us – and the key to make changes in behavior, including in buying more sustainably.
Retailers are still our key clients for the everyday essentials. Today, Maistic have a wide range of retailers selling our products. You’ll find our retail chain clients in three continents and of different types. Mostly supermarkets – both discount, mid price and high end – and in eco stores. But also within the DIY segment and in drugstores.

Services to retailers and resellers


  • Logistics. Professional warehouse setup with shipments all workdays. For US and Canada, ask for solutions.
  • FOB/DAT: For larger quantities, both private label and branded can be shipped directly from the factories.
  • API. We can send and receive orders through API applications, if you prefer.
  • Product Data Pools. Today, Maistic products are in GS1, Brandbank and DataNature data pools.
  • Product descriptions. Our Sales and Communications departments will help you generate the best descriptions.
  • Ask for POS – e.g. signs, shelf hangers, display concepts, dumpers, social media content, video content and giveaways for special occasions
  • Product Photos. We update our online photo and pack shot portfolio regularly.

Whether you choose one or both options, we provide full shelf product setups in most of the categories you find in our Maistic Options Supermarket – Go Explore here .

Our Sales department have decades of experience in selling to retailers. Let’s have a talk today on you needs and demands for products, packaging, sustainability etc.

The Maistic branded product range is growing. Among the new categories in 2021 is brushes and some good newsworthy items in the food wrap category.

Contact our Global Sales Manager Malene Harrsen today.

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