We can’t solve the plastic issues alone. This is why we support organizations – big and small – in Denmark and abroad. If our many projects inspire you or you wish us to be part of your project.

The first steps with The NGO Plastic Change

In 2016 very few consumers knew about microplastics. To spread the word, Maistic partnered with the NGO Plastic Change in a campaign introducing Maistic clothes in supermarkets in support of the Plastic Changes work for less plastic in the oceans.

More than 1.100 Danish supermarkets participated in the campaign selling and advertising our products. They also told the consumers about microplastic from cleaning products. Today all Danish supermarkets offer less plastic or no plastic cleaning products.

The story of the poop bags

It’s in our DNA to change the ‘normal’. therefore we made an ambitious campaign with the Danish Dogs Association, DKK, reminding Danes to only leave paw prints (not bags) when walking their four-legged friends.

We introduced the ‘Home Compostable Poop Bags’ which were  sold in shops and supermarkets. An amount for each roll of bags sold went to supporting the association’s work for responsible dog owners. The poop bags won the 1st prize among dog owners on Dutch Television.

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From Litter to Ice Cream

In 2020 and 2021 we partnered with North Seeland Lifeguards in a beach cleanup campaign for kids.

Children visiting a 90 kilometer coastline beach had the opportunity to visit the local lifeguards who handed out  compostable bags and  gloves, for picking up litter from the beach.

When giving back the bag with litter, they get a token to be exchanged for an ice cream. In 2020 kids collected 1.200 kilogram of beach litter – Well done.

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Hunting the trash

During the covid-19 lockdowns lots of people started picking up litter from nature. Some were inspired by the huge amounts of plastic gloves and facemasks flying around.

Some had more time and started meeting with others, doing good for all of us: Picking up litter and lots of plastic items in forests, sidewalks, roadsides and cities. Maistic supported some of these groups sponsoring bags and/or gloves. One of them was Green Nation Trashhunters.

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