State Growth Fund now supports Maistic expansion

State Growth Fund now supports Maistic expansion

At Maistic Bio Group ApS we are very proud to announce that we are entering new markets for plastic free and compostable retail products and packaging solutions backed up financially by the state-owned Danish Growth Fund.

In only two years, Maistic has gone from being a visionary plastic-free specialist to becoming an international growth company exporting proprietary compostable solutions and retail products to 7 countries. This growth is very much made possible through a growing consumer demand for plastic free products e.g. within cleaning.

Maistic got a very satisfying net financial result of DKK 400.000 in 2017. This result paved the way for a collaboration with the Danish Growth Fund and a new financial investor.

“Maistic has in only a few years demonstrated the ability to sell plastic free and compostable solutions to retailers in Denmark and abroad. It will be exiting to follow Maistic on their international journey to fight the global plastic problem and be profitable”, says Nikolaj Sørstrup Jørgensen from Danish Growth Fund.

Europe – here we come

Now, Maistic is ready for new export adventures to do business with leading retail and supermarket chains and distributors in Europe, but also to develop new products.

In spring 2015, we saw a business opportunity for alternatives to traditional and non-biodegradable plastic products to Danish consumers. There is now a huge demand both national and international to have less plastic in our daily lives. Especially United Kingdom, Benelux, Germany and France lead the way for compostable and plastic-free consumer products. Now we sell e.g. affordable, everyday quality plastic-free cloths, sponges, food and waste bags to consumers through supermarkets and stores, says Heidi von Bülow, Chairman of the Board and co-founder.

Founder Brian Bouet Smith continues: “Thanks to our product and raw material development partners in China we now produce home compostable 2. GEN bioplastic bags made from food production plant residues. China is leading within bio-plastics and it’s a huge market. We have a unique possibility of asking top leading scientists to find new natural raw material solutions, and in only weeks, sometimes months, we have new innovative and sustainable products and solutions for consumers and retailers in Europe.”

About the Danish Growth Fund

The Danish Growth Fund is a state investment fund that contributes to the creation of new companies by providing capital and expertise. Since 1992, The Danish Growth Fund has together with private investors co-financed growth in more than 7,300 Danish companies with a total commitment of more than DKK 22.5 billion. The Danish Growth Fund invests equity and provides loans and guarantees for small and medium-sized enterprises in collaboration with private partners and Danish financial institutions.

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