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  • 100% Biobased
  • FSC® Packaging
  • FSC® product
  • Washable

Language On Packaging

  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish

Retail Packaging

  • Paper sleeve

Outer Carton

  • Display carton

Waste Management

  • Dirty cleaning products should not be put in biowaste.
  • Sort packaging with paper recycling.

Main Raw Materials

  • Viscose

Product Categories

  • Cloths

Directions For Use

  • 60 C machine
  • No Tumble Dryer

Print on product

  • Green

Product color

  • White with print

Units in retail pack

  • 5 pcs.

Private label

  • Available as Private Label

The Maistic Cloth – FSC® 5pcs

The bestseller cloth in DE/F/NL packaging

Available for Private Label

In the Maistic stock assortment

  • 100% biobased
  • 100% biodegradable ingredients
  • Fast drying equals less bad smell and cloth bacteria

The Maistic Cloths contains no traditional plastic and are 100% biobased. The cloths are soft, superabsorbant, reusable, washable, scratch free and made from FSC® certified woodbased viscose. 5pcs per pack. The Maistic Cloths can be washed in washing machine up to 60 degrees Celcius – we recommend stretching when wet as all viscose crumbles when washed. Tumble dryer not recommened as this shortens lifespan for the cloths. Size 38 x 32 cm. Color: White with green flower print. Packed in FSC® certified recyclable paper sleeve – outer display carton is FSC® also, meaning the Maistic Cloths are triple FSC® certified.

Reminder of this product

Normal visose cloths contain 20-50% non-degradable polyester fibres. Not the Maistic Cloth. Here is no polyester, but lots FSC® certified viscose.

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Compostability is the new


Traditional petro-based plastics are thousands of years in the decompose process and add chemicals that harm nature, animals and you.

All MAISTIC® certified compostable products are free of chemicals such as phthalates, bisphenols and heavy metals. So it makes sense to pack your food in MAISTIC rather than plastic - both for you at home, for the restaurant industry and for the food industry. It looks like plastic - but is MAISTIC