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  • 6 pcs.

Natural Candle Forest 120ml

A reliable natural forest-scented to give your nose a rest

Available from stock assortments

  • Burntime +20 hours
  • Clean burning
  • Natural Rapeseed Wax Candles

The toxic fumes of paraffin are not romantic at all. However, Mulieres’ rapeseed candles with forest scent are very romantic, because they do not contain toxins (strange that this is special), are biodegradable, are from natural ingredients, have a long lasting and natural scent and do not leave ugly stains.

Reminder of this product

These handmade rapeseed wax candles are made from 100% natural ingredients. The clean and simple design gives a wonderful atmosphere to any room. Why rapeseed Wax? Sustainably grown in Europe, GMO free, renewable, biodegradable, clean burning. Burntime +20 h. 120 ml. 100% Vegan. Do not burn the candle for more than 2-3 hours. Let the candle burn until the wax has melted at the edges of the glass. Keep candles free of draft and place on a heat-resistant surface away from flammable objects. Do not leave the burning candle without supervision. Keep a lit candle out of the reach of children and animals. May produce an allergic reaction.

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Compostability is the new


Traditional petro-based plastics are thousands of years in the decompose process and add chemicals that harm nature, animals and you.

All MAISTIC® certified compostable products are free of chemicals such as phthalates, bisphenols and heavy metals. So it makes sense to pack your food in MAISTIC rather than plastic - both for you at home, for the restaurant industry and for the food industry. It looks like plastic - but is MAISTIC