Now biodegradable dog bags must be compostable

Now biodegradable dog bags must be compostable

From July 2021 forward the plastic materials called oxodegradable are no longer allowed for products in the EU. This immediately opened for more retailers, companies and dog owners switching to certied compostable dog bags instead. 

With increased sales of compostable dog bags (poop bags) retail packed and as private label, Maistic now introduce 2 more products in the range of the popular 2.gen bags, now with more dog bags per retail pack.

The reason for this change in consumer and retail is the EU ban effective from July 2021 on single use plastic products such as cutlery, straws, cotton buds, polysterene for takeaway purposes – and the plastic materials called oxodegradable, often marked epi or D2W. The EU took the decision to ban oxo-plastics after years of discussions. The final reach out was made as a large number of companies, scientists and organizations made a joined letter to the EU, all calling to include the ban in the major EU SUP ban.

Oxodegradable plastic is conventional plastic with an additive that makes the bags dissolve into smaller plastic pieces (microplastic). The oxo bags was often seen in supermarkets with the claim ‘biodegradable’, but according to multiple studies the claim was wrong, therefore the ban.
Certified compostable and home compostable bags follow internationally acknowledged standards for biodegradation. Read more here at the European Bioplastics site on the ban of oxodegradable plastic bags.

The UK is getting closer to a ban on oxodegradable plastics too.

Maistic Dog Bags won 1st place in Dutch TV-show

On February 1th 2020 Maistic 2.gen Home Compostable Dog Bags participated in a Dutch ‘Dog-bag competition’ featured in the biggest consumer program on Dutch public television, Kassa.
Several dog owners tested six different dog bags – and Maistic poop bags won.
We’re very proud, as it was solely on consumer voices and preference – no experts involved.

In the test the dog owners expressed some basic reasons for the win:

  • The firmness of the bag,
  • The ability to separate the bags from each other
  • The size. It was important that the bag was big enough for the dog remains – also from larger dogs…
  • The sustainability of the bags.

See the test and watch the Kassa show here

For several years the retailpacked Maistic Dog Bags have been divided in two bag sizes: One sized to fit small and medium sized dogs and on the same time packed to fit the standard sizes dispensers many dog owners have attached to the leash. And larger bags sized to fit, well, the larger dogs.

The two new BigPacks follow the same bag sizes, but include three times as many bags per pack.
At the same time all of the ‘easy to recognize’ Maistic Poop Bags are now 15% thicker (18 micron).

With the addition of two new products the Home Compostable Maistic 2.gen bag range includes 15 different bags as fixed assortment from Maistic warehouse.

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