Maistic is now international distributor of eco brands

Maistic is now international distributor of eco brands

By becoming Exclusive International Distributor for other sustainable Less Plastic brands, Maistic Bio Group is adding one more leg to the core business.

In 2015 Maistic started the journey producing plastic free and compostables at supermarket price in the our own brand name. These branded products are now sold in +35 countries through wholesellers, distributors, supermarkets, bio stores etc.

Since came private label and special productions for companies, e.g. compostable bags and packagings, special straws, cleaning products etc.; an area increasing with clients across the world.

Taking in brands for distribution is a natural next step for us. Maistic have build up an acknowledged expertise in the plastic free and less plastic markets – and our clients as well as global endusers wants more. At the same time we very well know the huge amounts of work is takes for a business to go almost global. Joining forces with other exceptional brands fighting the same fights as us by representing them and us together simply makes sense – for them, Maistic and the clients,” says Maistic CEO and co-founder, Brian Bouet Smith about the decision of adding international distribution to the core business.

Among the first brands to be represented by Maistic in most of mainland Europe is Here We Flo.
A fabulous UK-based brand in sustainability as well as quality, prices, look and not to forget brand story. Here We Flo produce organic ‘shamelessly natural care’ for people having periods or sensitive bladders. And well, enjoying sex.

The two other brands for European distribution with few national exceptions, but at the same time open for clients outside Europe, is the Estonian brand Mulieres and the UK brand Friendly Soap.

Mulieres makes natural and organic cleaning products carefully developed and modernized from the founders grandmas old recipes. Mulieres products are EcoCert certified and works for people with sensitive – and packed in beautiful less plastic bottles.

Friendly Soaps is 100% natural soap bars for hand, body, face, hair and even shaving. All soaps are produced in the UK in sustainable ways and as a cooperative meaning all employees have shares and equal terms.

Also, Maistic represent the Danish frontrunners on seaweed Dansk Tang with their sea harvested, almost CO2neutral box filling from seagrass – dark brown, fresh smell, no use of land for growing and dried by sun and waste heat. That’s sustainability.

You can read about our brands here:

For more information, please contact CEO Brian Bouet Smith bs(a) or Head of Global Sales Malene Molin Harrsen mmh(a) .

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