Maistic becomes distributor of Seagrass box filling

Maistic becomes distributor of Seagrass box filling

Oceans own
Seagrass Box filling

…beautiful & sustainable

At Maistic we’re proud to become European distributor of not just a truly green, but blue and absolutely natural alternative to plastic box filling: Seagrass. Or as most would say, Seaweed.

Is it sustainable. Oh yes.

The Seagrass is carefully collected along Danish shorelines in Odsherred by the Danish company, Dansk Tang. The company is specialized in fresh and dried seaweed for consumption (even for Michelin restaurants). For the owners it was a natural thing to use seagrass for filling in their own boxes. It worked perfectly. A business case was born.

Today, the collection, drying and packing is optimized for larger scale, and the sustainable standards are definately kept.

  • All Seagrass is collected, not harvested, within a radius of 30 kilometers. This saves valuable space on land for crops and trees.
  • Seagrass would rot and release CO2 if left on the beaches. By collecting it sustainably, this ‘natures own waste‘ stores the carbon instead.
  • All drying is made fuel & fossil free. In summer it’s sundried in open fields; in winter from leftover heat from a neighboring production facility.
  • Reuse the Seagrass. Either for new boxes being sent. Or for the garden, where the Seagrass is perfect as a natural fertilizer.

As a comparison, box filling from wood is grown for decades, cut down, machine shred and could have been used for furnitures and similar longlasting products.Det oplagte pakkefyld-alternativ træuld – der er tynde strimler af træ – laves på maskine, hvor ålegræs fra naturens side allerede har det optimale, luftige og fleksible format i form af tynde strimler. Træuld laves ofte af rødgran, som er dyrket, fældet og kunne være benyttet til langvarige forbrugsgoder, eksempelvis møbler eller byggematerialer, i stedet for.

Does it smell bad? Not at all.
Does it work? Absolutely.

Use the Seagrass for box filling for the webshop.
For gift boxes, the dark brown nuances look beautiful and adds an exclusive and natural look to the gift. Even for sending bottles it works – watch here.
When you open a new carton of seaweed, your nose will discover the smells is like newly harvested hay. Not what you expected.

Distribution and Sales

All over the world still more goods are sent by mail and courier. We simply buy more online. This has increased the need for sustainable packaging rapidly.

Both Maistic Bio Group and the owners of Dansk Tang look forward to the corporation granting Maistic the sales options for the product in Europe:

At the moment most dried Seagrass is used for packaging. But options are many as this natural and fully biodegradable material has many valuable options for developers in search for sustainable options. The seagrass is full of fiber, its allergen friendly and resistant to mold. It can be used for paper, furnitures, insulation. We look forward to seeing where this corparation can take seagrass as a raw material,” says CEO, Claus Marcussen, from Dansk Tang.

Maistic will be presenting this new sustainable material towards the packaging industry, wholesellers, current and new company client. The Seagrass will be sent from Maistic warehouuse for smaller clients and directly from Dansk Tang facilities for larger clients to minimize transport.

Contact Maistic Sales Department at for more information, pricing etc. Small box for test can be sent against postage fee.

Or contact Heidi von Bülow at Maistic Development on for discussing other options for this green AND blue material of the future.

Read more here (Danish)

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