Educating in Less Plastic is a big and very important part of the Maistic mission. Having specialized in plastic free and compostable solutions we believe it’s our duty to share our knowledge for the good of our common future.

Take a stand

We allow ourselves to have an opinion. An opinion meaning there are products, materials, chemicals and additives we will never sell.

There should be no doubt that MAISTIC® is good quality and not dangerous for you, nor our common future.

We work to make the world better and FOR LESS PLASTIC IN THIS WORLD.

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Working for a better world

We love to participate in interviews, give lectures both at home and abroad and be advisors to government, companies and organizations on a more sustainable future with less plastic.

Contact Maistic founder, Heidi von Bülow, for a talk. Below you find some of the many projects and lectures we made.

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Maistic in the classroom

Several times of year Maistic is asked to help students and classes with less plastic and sustainability projects. It varies from phone calls to lectures. 

In 2020 Maistic and a journalist followed a larger project where we lectured a class of design students at GXU Gladsaxe on plastic issues and solutions. The students then had a few days to develop a campaign including materials on a less plastic subject of their own choice. At Maistic we were proud to follow the process and discover how youth today are disturbed by the pollution of our world. We completed the project by presenting the campaigns on our social media pages.

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Advising The Government

Between 2019 and 2020 Maistic founder Heidi von Bülow participated in the governmental project performed by Det Nationale Bioøkonomipanel to develop recommendations for the Danish politicians on the development and use of bioplastics from a Danish point of view.

Other participants were LEGO, Haldor Topsøe, BASF and a wide range of scientists and organizations. Please feel free to contact us on the report outcome or participation in similar projects. 

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Being the judge

Being entrepreneurs ourselves – we just love supporting ideas and future entrepreneurs!
In 2020 we participated as judges in the Danish Entrepreneurship Finals, where thousands of students from 6th grade to university level pitched their inventions to other entrepreneurs. This year the final chosen students presented projects from the theme ‘My Daily Life in the Future’. Wow, the ideas were good! We look forward to supporting your ideas and helping you move forward next year.

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Visiting plastics engineer students

Now that plastic is part of a new and growing pollution, waste and consumer behavior crisis, plastics engineers should know about the issues on environment and climate and the alternatives to plastic surrounding them.

With a course at the Danish Plastmager school (for plastics engineer and operators) in Ribe we made a day long lecture on plastic in the environment, latest scientific reports on health and environment. Ww also described bioplastics and compostables, organic recycling and the standards and certificates surrounding the materials.