All MAISTIC cloths are bio-based and


When you buy cleaning supplies from Maistic – cloths as well as sponges – they are of course plastic free.
We see no reason why cleaning our homes should contribute to world plastic pollution


Disposable cloth, All Purpose Cloth, Viscose fiber cloth. No polyester, microplastic free.
The plastic fibre version of the traditional viscose cloths has many differnt names. The microplastic free one has only one name: The Maistic Cloth.
It didn’t take long after the introduction of our first microplastic free cloth in Danish supermarkets in 2016, till we noticed that people simply went to buy ‘the Maistic cloth’. Today it is sold in +800 supermarkets, drugstores and webshops in Denmark alone – and we’re a small country.

MAISTIC All Purpose Cloth – Microplastic Free is produced without polyester or other kinds of plastic. The 20-50% polyester fibres that are usually in viscose cloths are simply replaced with more woodbased viscose.

The Maistic cloth has a slight, no scratch scrubbing effect and suitable for all everyday cleaning in kitchen, bathroom, inside and outside.
Masitic recommend using your cloths many times and wash the cloths in washing machine at 60 degrees Celsius.
Washing at 90 degrees Celsius and/or if tumble dried, the cloth life span be reduced.


Standard MAISTIC cloth comes in both a 5pcs and a 8pcs pack – MICROPLASTIC FREE
The material is 100% natural wood based viscose.
Quality 110 gram/m2. Size 32×38 cm
The cloth color is white with ‘0% microplastic’ in green print (AZO-free).

NEW FALL 2018: The 8pcs cloth comes in 2 x 4 print colors (blue, yellow, red, green) – Use the different colors for different household purposes.

All colors used are AZO-free. Packing: In papercard and retail packaging – of course no plastic wrap, nor bags.

Retail viscose cloths in stock:

NEW: Also in 8pcs. Both this and the standard 5pcs pack comes in three languages – Danish on one side, English and Dutch on the other. Packing is paper wrap only – no plastic.

For 5 pcs: 15 retail packs per carton. For 8 pcs: in carton of 30. Carton is printed as small display – sales ready for shop and supermarket shelves and counters.

Our Floor Cloth is of good quality with extra strenght – 240 g/m2. This makes it easier for mopping floors since its thickness prevents it from crumbling during mopping. This also makes it last longer than a thin cloth. It comes in a 2 pcs pack with three languages – Danish on one side, English and Dutch on the other. Packing is paper wrap only – no plastic. This cloth is naturally also 100% bio-based and 100% plastic free.

100 pcs box is suitable for fx companies and institutions, that uses a larger amount of cloths. We also now sell the 100 pcs box for professional use. Here you will find cloths with different color printing; 25 yellow, 25 green, 25 red and 25 blue. Thereby the cloths can be used and recognized for different purposes or areas.

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This is why you should use cloths


We all know the package with the pink, yellow and the light blue cloths. What most people don’t realise is that these cloths can contain up until 50% polyester.
It’s a type of plastic that pollutes nature as the fibers tear off during use, wear and tear and wash – indoors and outdoors. When microplastic first is in nature it will stay – and it will end up in the oceans, nature, animals og thereby also our food chain.


As manufactorers our responsibility is global. We create jobs, reduce CO2 and increase the general knowlegde about the environment. We only name products with compostable certification if they really are compostable. Then the documentation is in place.


The bio plastic industry is in rapid developement these years. New raw materials with new assets get accessible all the time. Because MAISTIC has a large number of collaborators our possibilies are nearly endless.


Are you worried about the price on the products at MAISTIC? We understand that. But let us give it a shot- Most often our customers are positively surprised - also on our price on redesign. Do you want to get surprised?


We are not driven by the art of limitation. We are curious. And ambitious on the behalf of our customers and collaborators. We want to do our best. For you. You are our ambassadeur - today and again tomorrow



It takes thousands of years for traditional petro based plastic to degrade and it can contain chemical substances that are damaging for nature, animals and you.
All products from MAISTIC® are certified compostable and are free of chemicals such as phthalates, bisphenoles and heavy metals. That is why it makes good sense to use MAISTIC for wrapping up food instead of plastic - to you at home, at restaurants and in the food industry. It looks like plastic - but it is MAISTIC