Home Compostable Waste Bags,

you can tie easily  NEW

We’re happy to introduce the Maistic WaveCut to our Home Compostable bags range. Still more municipal waste facilities demad closed bags for the bio waste. Bags that are home compostable AND easy to tie AND affordable have therefore been a wished for demand for a long time. Now they are here. Maistic new WaveCut Waste Bags are still bags on a roll, but now cut in a special way making four ‘flaps’ on each bag. The flaps hang nicely on the outside of your bin when the bag is in use. When the bag is full, you simply take the flaps, two and two, and tie a knot. Quite simple. As always, Maistic 2.GEN bags are certified Home Compostable with the official mark from TÜV, OK Compost HOME. The mark shows, that the bags are tested biodegradable with food scraps, making them compatible to degrade and be part of nature as natural fertilizer.

Maistic WaveCut in 2 sizes

Maistic WaveCut Waste Bags comes in two standard sizes: 20 liter bags. Measurements: 44cm x 45cm+10cm flaps. 14 pcs/pack   NEW 30 liter bags. Measurements: 50cm x 60cm+10cm flaps. 10 pcs/pack   NEW If you need ‘No Flaps’, you can choose the flat cut Home Compostable Waste Bags – Find them here

About the bags

All Maistic waste bags have rounded bottoms called ‘star-sealing’. This makes the bottom stronger – and the risk of accidents smaller. Still, please replace bags used for biowaste within 48 hours. As compostable bags are developed to interact and degrade with food scraps, that’s what they do. There are now 11 bags variants in the Maistic 2.GEN range.

  • All bags are packed in paper boxes – not in plastic, of course.
  • On the bags we’ve printed the bag size – e.g. 20L or 30L. This makes it easier to find the right bag in your kitchen drawer, even without the packaging.
  • On all paper boxes we’ve printed an ‘Often Good After’ date – always look for it in the stores when buying compostables. Why they have a date just like milk and meats? Well, on a molecule level all compostable bags are developed to degrade over time; basically break into pieces. But they are also developed to be usable for as long as possible, which is approx. 1 year from production – often longer. The bags does not rot and can be used for as long as the hold what you need them to hold – this is why we call the date an ‘Often Good After’ date.

TRY THIS: Take out the roll of bags. Cut a hole in the box – a 4-5 cm long oval. Put back the roll and pull out the first bag. By this you can easily find the right size of bag in your drawer. And keep track of the Best Before dates. Practical and easy.


The Maistic 2.gen material used for all the bags in the 2.GEN series and our shopping bags is the foirst and only bag material containing the 2.GEN bioplastic PHA – the compostable material made from scraps.

All bags in the 2.GEN range are Home Compostable and certified with the mark OK Compost HOME, showing the bags are testet biodegradable in an environment you can make at home in a closed bin with your food scraps. Read more about the certification here

For more product information

Please contact our HQ Sales Department Phone +45 5374 8500 Email sales@maistic.com Or find your local office, agent or distributor here

Maistic 2.GEN OK Compost HOME-certified bags are available in 11 variants:

  • Food bags
    • 1 liter/0,3 gallon - 40 pcs/roll
    • 2 liter/0.5 gallon - 30 pcs/roll
    • 4 liter/1 gallon - 20 pcs/roll
    • 8 liter/2 gallons - 12 pcs/roll
  • Waste bags
    • 20 liter/4.4 gallons - 14 pcs/roll
    • 30 liter/6.6 gallons - 10 pcs/roll
  • WaveCut Waste bags
    • 20 liter/4.4 gallons - 14 pcs/roll
    • 30 liter/6.6 gallons - 10 pcs/roll
  • Diaper bags
    • 14 pcs/roll
  • Dog bags
    • Small-Medium Dogs - 30 pcs
    • Medium-Large Dogs - 25 pcs


As a producer we have a responsibility. Our main course is to reduce plastics and microplastics. With certificates we work for much more - e.g. CO2, work environment, sustainable materials, reusability etc.


Whether its raw materials and product options or our range of retail products, the assortments keep growing. Working closely with developers and factories all over the world makes us your Expert in Plastic Free


Plastic Free at supermarket prices. That is the Maistic mission statement and what we work for every single day. Why? We believe everyone should have the right and the option to say NO to plastic.


At Maistic we love a challenge, as long as it reduce the use of traditional plastics. Come to us with your ideas - big or small. Maybe we can make your business idea, packaging or product plastic free too