Who to contact for sales and product request

Here we have the collection of main contact persons at Maistic regarding sales, marketing and export activities, including some of our main distributors. If you cannot find the person or department suited for your enquiry, please use our main email info(a)maistic.com, then front desk will reply or send your email to the right person. Please remember – no questions, no plastic free needs are too strange. Plastic issues has to be solved worldwide, and we live to develop them, produce them and make them available for the public.

19 countries – and more to come

Missing Maistic near you?

Maistic is sold in supermarket chains, eco stores and webshops in 19 countries throughout Europe. For retailers near you, please contact the company or person representing Maistic in your country – see distributors and agents below. Or write us at info(a)maistic.com .  

Maistic HQ – Helsingor/ Denmark

Phone +45 5374 8500  // Email salg(a)maistic.com

From Maistic head office in the lovely Helsingor 50 km north of Danish capital Copenhagen, Maistic handle all product development and help our agents, distributors and wholesellers in their daily sales of Maistic branded products and with special requests – e.g. packaging solutions, private label, tenders/ municipal requests and product development projects from companies all over the world wanting PlasticFree or compostable products and solutions. For requests on using Maistic resins and questions like ‘Is this and this even possible?’, please contact Maistic HQ.  

Maistic – Export HQ

Malene Molin Harrsen Phone +45 5373 3752  // Email mmh(a)maistic.com

Malene Molin Harrsen handles distributors, agents, direct sales for retails chains, private label and other large account requests in UK, Northern Europe and the Baltics. Request can be, but are not limited to, retail products, plasticfree cutlery, plates, cups and other single use items for food and takeaway, private label, cleaning, houseware etc. In close cooperation with colleagues in Procurement and Maistic R&D, the Nordic Sales office is main driver for new products and solutions for private companies, retailers and municipality.

Maistic France

Isabelle Delrue Lingelbach et Marion Garrivier Email isabelle.isalin(a)wanadoo.fr Tel : +33 1 34 62 01 12 Mobile : +33 6 72 11 13 74 Agents representing Maistic towards wholesellers, supermarkets, retailers etc.

Nederland – Udea

Web www.udea.nl Dutch wholeseller for the eco-segment, including the chains of eco-stores Ekoplaza and Natuurwinkel. Udea represent Maistic branded products towards retailers and other wholesellers, e.g. on bags, cutlery, standard packaging etc in Nederland. For Private Label contact Maistic HQ.


Maistic has 3 wholesellers in the UK selling primaily branded products for retail, webshops and eco segments. For other UK requests, please contact Maistic HQ. Suma Wholesale Web www.suma.coop Tree of Life Web www.treeoflife.co.uk The Health Store Web www.thehealthstore.co.uk/


Wholefoods Webwww.wholefoods.ie

Represent Maistic with branded products for retail and supermarkets.

Malta – AMC

Wholeseller representing Maistic branded products Web www.amcmalta.com Email info(a)amcmalta.com

Czech Republic – NuSpring

Web www.nuspring.cz Email info(a)nuspring.cz Represent Maistic branded products in Czech Republic.

Denmark – Helsam

Web www.helsam.dk Wholeseller for the eco segments in Denmark. Products also available in Helsam stores.

Denmark – Atlantic Partner

Web www.atlantic-partner.dk Distributor and Full Service provider of Maistic branded products towards supermarkets.

Denmark – Antalis Packaging

Web www.antalisccco.dk Wholeseller for packaging, Horeca segment, shops etc. Has Maistic Retail and Bulk products, including Maistic cleaning and 2.GEN Home Compostable Shopping Bags.

Denmark – MultiLine

Web www.multiline.dk Food and Horeca segments.  

Maistic Marketing & POS

Phone +45 4075 1469 Email hvb(a)maistic.com All press, marketing and POS related requests from clients, agencies, media etc., please contact Maistic HQ Communications Dep directly. Maistic produce marketing materials for clients and stores to use in physical stores as well as online, e.g. videos. We also produce and media, journalists, bloggers, scientists and students with knowledge of materials and solutions in the plastic free world, we live in and are experts upon here at Maistic.