MAISTIC® Poop Bags

Sized with the dogs in mind

First of all. All bags and packaging belongs in the bin after use. Compostables too. Do not use compostables as an excuse to litter in nature.

Poop Bags are a type of products, only used when we are outside enjoying nature and a fresh breathe of air. Wheather dog owners use bag dispensers or carry the bags in a pocket, we’ve all tried to loose a bag without noticing.

This is why poop bags should not be made from never degradable traditional plastics.

Price wining poop bags

The Maistic Poop Bags are a price winner. In february 2020 the largest consumer related tv-show in the Nederlands, ‘Kassa’, decided to let a group of dog owners test the poop bags in the Dutch market. And the Maistic bags WON. You can see the full test here.

The dog owners tested six different brands of dog bags ‘in real life’ and arguments for prefering Maistic bags were:

  • Nice bag texture
  • Easy to handle and rip off the roll
  • Big enough for all dogs
  • The product sustainability

Two sizes – buy bags according to poop size

For our standard assortment we have two poop bag sizes: Smaller bags for smaller dogs – and larger bags for larger dogs.

As some dog owners use dispensers, the small-medium bags are small rolls in 6-6,5cm width, a perfect fit for all standard dispensers. The medium-large bags in one wider roll with 25 bags.

  • The bags are made from our Maistic 2.GEN home compostable bag material containing PHA, a new compostable bioplastic made from plant residue and leftovers. The bags also contain corn based bioplastics; corn grown non-GMO and pesticide freeand from a starchy type of corn not used for human consumption. PBAT makes the bags flexible. 
  • As all bags in our Maistic 2.GEN range the bags are OK Compost HOME certified, tested biodegradable and comply to EU standard for compostability, EN13432. The bags does not contain bispenoles, phtalates, flourides and similar plastic chemicals – as they do not contain traditional plastics.
  • All Maistic bags are approved for food contact. This means you can safely use the bags for berries, apples or mushrooms, you find in the forest while walking the dog.

For more product information

Please contact our HQ Sales Department Phone +45 5374 8500 Email Or find your local office, agent or distributor here

About the bags

2.GEN – for Small-Medium dogs

  • 30 pcs
  • 2 small rolls of 15 bags – 30 pcs total
  • Fits small standard dispenser
  • Thickness 15 my. Size 20,5 x 28 cm
  • Color is Dark Green

2.GEN – for Medium-Large dogs

  • 25 bags in one roll
  • Thickness 15 my
  • Size 23,5 x 32 cm
  • Color is Dark Green


As a producer we have a responsibility. Our main course is to reduce plastics and microplastics. With certificates we work for much more - e.g. CO2, work environment, sustainable materials, reusability etc.


Whether its raw materials and product options or our range of retail products, the assortments keep growing. Working closely with developers and factories all over the world makes us your Expert in Plastic Free


Plastic Free at supermarket prices. That is the Maistic mission statement and what we work for every single day. Why? We believe everyone should have the right and the option to say NO to plastic.


At Maistic we love a challenge, as long as it reduce the use of traditional plastics. Come to us with your ideas - big or small. Maybe we can make your business idea, packaging or product plastic free too