All MAISTIC shopping bags
are certified compostable

Do you want to get rid of plastic bags?

And do you want to present an alternative bag to your customers?

Maistic produce shopping bags of many types, shapes and designs and in different materials – but all certified compostable.

So many Maistic standard Shopping Bags

For the free or cheap hand-out of bags in retail stores and supermarkets, we recommend our OK Compost HOME certified 2.GEN materials as used in Maistic food bags, waste bags, poop bags etc.
Check this video from national Danish Television testing Maistic Shopping bags (opens in Facebook):

They come in the forms, types, colors, design, print and thickness almost as you’d like them.
Please contact us for more information.

You can also try Maistic REUSABLE Nonwoven Bags

The Maistic Nonwoven bags is the affordable alternative to reusables bags such as cotton bags. Cotton is one of the worst CO2 polluters – Maistic 99-100% biobased, washable, tumbledryer safe AND certified compostable bags is a genuine alternative.

Please contact the sales department at MAISTIC for further information on our plastic-free bags.
Phone: +45 5374 8500

For more product information

Please contact our HQ Sales Department Phone +45 5374 8500 Email Or find your local office, agent or distributor here
miljøposen 400bred

Maistic courier bags for your webshops.

Just like other Maistic bags our Courier Bag is certified compostable. This means that the bag complies to all EU legislations for compostability. The bag is marked with the main certification OK COMPOST. The material is highly durable, can be dyed, printed and in sizes on your request. Did you know Alibaba only use this kind of courier bags?


As manufactorers our responsibility is global. We create jobs, reduce CO2 and increase the general knowlegde about the environment. We only name products with compostable certification if they really are compostable. Then the documentation is in place.


The bio plastic industry is in rapid developement these years. New raw materials with new assets get accessible all the time. Because MAISTIC has a large number of collaborators our possibilies are nearly endless.


Are you worried about the price on the products at MAISTIC? We understand that. But let us give it a shot- Most often our customers are positively surprised - also on our price on redesign. Do you want to get surprised?


We are not driven by the art of limitation. We are curious. And ambitious on the behalf of our customers and collaborators. We want to do our best. For you. You are our ambassadeur - today and again tomorrow

We gather labels for


You will find a wide range of official labels and certifications on the products in MAISTIC. The official labels are both your and our guarenty for quality and safety. Some is given for ecological production others for compostability and some indicates certified tests and results, that the individual products or materials have gone through.