Now it is possible to get sponge scourers


Scrub your plates, pots and pans with a good, green conscience.
Without polluting oceans and nature with microplastic.
The Maistic Kitchen Bio Scrubber is easily cleaned in the dishwasher – and use it again and again and again and…
A quality product for your Plastic Free household.

– the new plastic free and resuable sponge

Plastic free, bio-based and reusable.
Only a few drops of soap is needed for your environmentally friendly dishwashing.

Now you can say goodbye to polluting plastic scourers forever. And hello to eco-friendly cleaning.

MAISTIC Bio Kitchen Scrubber is efficient for all types of more rough cleaning – in kitchen and bathroom, indoors and outdoors and for all kinds of surfaces that you want to clean.

You might already know sponges made from wood-based cellulose. The great, soft sponges are bio-based, plastic free, they do not crumble and it is washable. So use it again and again. The scourer part and the sponge part are sewed, not glued, together.

The scourer part of the Maistic Bio Kitchen Scrubber is made from the loofah plant. The cucumber-like loofah fruit is dried and smaller parts are sewed to the white cellulose sponge.
If you need to scrub your porcelain or polish metal, we recommend Maistic Hemp No Scratch Scrubber.

Washing instructions

All Maistic sponges are washable in the dishwasher. Put it in the tray for glasses. Dry sponges standing up. Then the sponge is ready to be used again. Alternatively use boiling water with a little clear vinegar. Do not put Maistic Bio Kitchen Scrubber in the washing machine. Do not tumble dry, as this will reduce the product lifetime.


Maistic Bio Kitchen Scrubber
100% bio-based
The sponge is made of natural cellulose from wood fibers. The scourer part is made from dried loofah. Sewed together with organic cotton thread. No glue.
Measurements: 11 x 7 cm.
Packing: In paper box – of course no plastic wrap. Languages on standard pack: Danish, English and Dutch texts.

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Why you should never use disposable plastic sponges

The colored disposable sponges with the green scourer part are serious plastic polluters.

You actually see the problem when you use it. The scourer breaks into tiny green pieces, microplastics, disappearing in the drain, continuing to a wastewater treatment plant. Some of the microplastics end up in the sea, never to disappear…

If you use plastic sponges for cleaning flower pots, windows etc. outdoors, microplastics end up in nature and your own garden.

Not only cleaning sponges, but also cloths and most of our other cleaning supplies contain or are made of plastic.

At the moment, there is no official mark that can provide you with knowledge and guaranties of plastic content in cleaning supplies. Maistic is of course fighting for this. E.g. the Danish mark ‘Svanemærket’ does not mean that products are plastic-free.


As manufactorers our responsibility is global. We create jobs, reduce CO2 and increase the general knowlegde about the environment. We only name products with compostable certification if they really are compostable. Then the documentation is in place.


The bio plastic industry is in rapid developement these years. New raw materials with new assets get accessible all the time. Because MAISTIC has a large number of collaborators our possibilies are nearly endless.


Are you worried about the price on the products at MAISTIC? We understand that. But let us give it a shot- Most often our customers are positively surprised - also on our price on redesign. Do you want to get surprised?


We are not driven by the art of limitation. We are curious. And ambitious on the behalf of our customers and collaborators. We want to do our best. For you. You are our ambassadeur - today and again tomorrow



It takes thousands of years for traditional petro based plastic to degrade and it can contain chemical substances that are damaging for nature, animals and you.
All products from MAISTIC® are certified compostable and are free of chemicals such as phthalates, bisphenoles and heavy metals. That is why it makes good sense to use MAISTIC for wrapping up food instead of plastic - to you at home, at restaurants and in the food industry. It looks like plastic - but it is MAISTIC