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Plastic pollution, microplastic and plastic additives and harsh chemistry migrating to our food through packaging… Those are the main reasons for Maistic to be fully dedicated to the development and production of PLASTIC FREE. The world needs to know and to have easy inexpensive access to alternatives to the plastic harming nature, oceans, our kids and our ourselves. We call these alternatives MAISTIC®.

What we do

At Maistic we give people, businesses, food producers – basically EVERYONE – alternatives to the everyday traditional plastic products and packaging.

Maistic is Expert in plastic free and compostables and dedicated to:

1) Certified compostable bioplastic and other materials that can be certified compostable

2) Plastic free and microplastic free alternatives to typical plastic products for consumers, retail, HORECA, food producers, take away etc.

Maistic Bio Group started i 2015 as a family-owned business. Today in 2020, we have two smaller investors and we are co-funded by the The Danish Growth Fund, a national state investment fund, which enables us grow our business into stille more countries and continents and develop more plastic free and compostable products at supermarket prices.

That’s what we live for and work for every single day: Plastic free options for everone at supermarket prices.

MAISTIC sell worldwide

Today, our Maistic branded products are in 24 countries in Europe and the middle East; including private label in many more countries. Our products are sold mainly in supermarkets, eco and health stores and retail chains and in webshops. We sell directly from our warehouses or through wholesellers and distributors.

On top of this, we produce a wide range of products and options for others – find some of these options here Private Label.

And No – we do not sell ordinary plastics. We work for Less Plastic in this World.

Marketing with NGOs and helping students

MAISTIC provide products as well as knowledge. We help consumers, municipal and state, retail, wholesellers, food production industry, NGO’s, decision makers in companies and politicians to with knowledge and understanding of green recycling, microplastics and biopolymers and businesses with the development of greener solutions.

‘MAISTIC’ is made from two words: Maïze (corn) + Plastic = Maistic

Being commited to plastic free makes us a credible partner to make campaigns with organizations and NGO’s. E.g. Maistic were the first retail partner with the Danish NGO Plastic Change with whom we introduced the Maistic Cloth in 1300 Danish stores.

We made a large campaign with the Danish Dogs Association, DKK, too, reminding Danes to only leave paw prints (not bags). By that we introduced Home Compostable Poop Bags, later a 1st prize winner among dog owners in Dutch Television.

Students and teachers from grade school to universities are very much in our hearts too. We simply love to educate and help students with their inventions, ideas and interest in making their own future better and greener.

Our goal is not just being your delivery guy. We’re always a partner. Every time. The innovative trusted partner, who will go far to find the best solutions for your needs.

Follow us here at maistic.com, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and in our newsletters.
And in the media. We insist on using our voice and knowledge for the good of mankind – plastic pollution, microplastics and harmfull chemicals in plastics are too important not to fight. It is our duty to tell you the things, what the traditional plastic industry does not tell you.

We allow ourselves to have an opinion. An opinion meaning there are products, materials, chemicals and additives we will never sell. There should be no doubt, that MAISTIC® is good quality and not dangerous for you, nor our common future. We work to make the world better and FOR LESS PLASTIC IN THIS WORLD.

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Brian Bouet Smith

Maistic - Portraetter-57- Print 800x1200

Founder, CEO and the man with the contacts, prices, knowledge of resins and materials and 20 years experience in what he does best: Entrepreneurship and fine honest business

Heidi von Bülow

Heidi Von Bülow

Founder, chairman, CCO and anti-plastic lobbyist. The woman you see in interviews and conferences, speaking with scientists and politicians and helping students and NGOs. The one to tie the project knots.

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