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Personal need became international brand

Mulieres is an Estonian family business and took it’s beginning, when children in the family had skin that did not tolerate common chemical cleaning products.

The need for an effective and natural detergent suitable for hypersensitive and allergic skin encouraged the founder, Merylin Rüütli, to experiment with soap recipes found in her grandmother’s drawer.

In the beginning the natural and environmentally friendly detergents was only made for Merylins own familiy, but soon friends and family wanted as well – and so the business began.

Mulieres’ range of laundry and cleaning products has grown from making homemade soaps to be sold around the world.

The ancestors natural way of life have kept inspiring Mulieres to make detergents from natural ingredients.

Behind the brand is lots of research for possible ingredients, testing of different active ingredients, testing and confirm by Tallinn University of Technology for cleaning abilities of the detergents and development of environmentally friendly production and packaging – all for the right reasons:

Mulieres’ products are
  • A safe choice for families with children and people with sensitive skin and allergies.
  • All detergents are EcoCert certified, meaning they are based on an eco-friendly formula with all or close to all ingredients are of natural origin and comply with the most demanding ecological standards. EcoCert is one of Europe’s strictest and most reputable standards and one of the most recognized certifications globally – read more: Eco-friendly cleaning and household products | Ecocert
  • Most products are vegan certified and cruelty free.
  • All are scented with natural scents only.
  • All are free of parabens, dyes and artificial scents.
  • All liquid detergents are concentrated – e.g. one bottle of laundry detergents is for 37 washes.
  • All liquid detergents are packed for recyclability – with as little plastic as possible and a recyclable cardboard packaging on the outside.
  • All cleaning products are sold bulk, ready for refill stations and eco cleaning companies.

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Cleaning products not overburdening our oceans

The countries surrounding the Baltic Sea have agreed on the common goal of restoring the health of the Baltic Sea marine environment. Mulieres is happy to contribute!

Mulieres products are based on natural surfactants, the most common of which is green soap, so our products are also biodegradable.

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Mulieres’ range of laundry and cleaning products has grown from making homemade soaps to be sold around the world.

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